Choose a healthy snack bar
The Grocery Guide

Two Simple Tips to Choosing a Nutritious Snack Bar

On June 14, 2016

Don’t get caught up in boisterous marketing claims. They are designed to cloud your decision-making process and alter your perception so that you can’t resist buying their product. #scary Follow these two… Read More

japan travel tips
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Japan Travels Part 2 + Kyoto Travel Tips

On June 4, 2016

~This is part two (Kyoto) of my favorite travel experiences in Japan. If you’re new to The Fresh Beet, be sure to check out Part 1 — Tokyo. If you really don’t… Read More

Tokyo Travel Tips
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Japan Travels Part 1+ Tokyo Travel Tips

On June 1, 2016

As many of you know, David and I just got married… We both knew that a relaxing honeymoon spent on a serene island with white sand and crystal clear water was just… Read More

vegetarian pasta dish
Lunch and Dinner

Mushroom Tempeh Ragu over Angel Hair

On May 9, 2016

Pasta dishes get a bad rep for being too carb heavy. And while this may be true, there is a way around it. You just have to be mindful of how much… Read More

indian recipes
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Chicken Vindaloo with Garam Masala Rice Pilaf + Indian Cooking at Southern Seasons

On April 10, 2016

So, I’m getting married in exactly¬†2 weeks. OMG 2 weeks! I remember when 8 months seemed like an eternity, and I could care less about planning all the details. But now, it’s… Read More

Easy Oatmeal Recipe

Strawberry Pluot Oatmeal

On April 6, 2016

I eat a lot of oatmeal. I wish you would too. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it can help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugars so you avoid that mid-morning crash,… Read More

gluten free

No Bake Granola Bars: Better Than Store Bought Bars

On March 7, 2016

Did you know that peanut butter mixed with maple syrup is a nutritional synergistic superfood? Just kidding ūüôā But wouldn’t that be something? I CAN tell you however, that the two pair… Read More

healthy cereal
The Grocery Guide

Video: Remember These 3 Things When Choosing a Healthy Cereal

On March 2, 2016

Searching for a healthy cereal in that never-ending¬†aisle¬†can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Watch this brief video and learn how to choose a healthy cereal using these three criterion…… Read More

Healthy Yogurt
The Grocery Guide

Video: Three Tips to Help You Choose a Healthier Yogurt

On February 15, 2016

Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Grocery Guide video, and this time I’m giving you three tips to help you choose a healthier yogurt. One of the most interesting points here is… Read More

healthy peanut butter
The Grocery Guide

Video: How to Choose the Most Nutritious Peanut Butter

On February 2, 2016

Hi Everyone! I’m excited to share my first video of The Grocery Guide, a video series dedicated to helping you make the most nutritious choices at the grocery store. With misleading label… Read More