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I did not receive compensation for promoting Siggi’s in this post. I support Siggi’s because I enjoy their products and believe that they are a healthy alternative to many other high-sugar, ingredient-laden yogurts on the market. 
Ever thought of spreading yogurt on your morning toast? I often spread Siggi’s coconut yogurt on mine to give it a creamy topper and to balance my breakfast out with some protein. One single serving container of Siggi’s yogurt provides around 15grams of protein — much more protein than other yogurts on the market. AND Siggi’s contains much less added sugar.
The key to eating a balanced breakfast is to include carbs (especially fiber), fats and protein. Check out how the toast looks below:
healthy toast recipe
Eating like this in the morning provides better blood sugar regulation (in everyone — not just diabetics) and therefore sustained energy levels. Ever eat a sugary or fatty breakfast with little to no fiber and feel like your energy levels crash in about an hour? Right there is the importance of eating fiber in the morning. It’s a simple way to prevent feeling like crap all day.
[Not to mention it helps with daily bowel movements, which also make us feel great 🙂 ]
Fiber is found in whole fruit, nuts and seeds, and whole grains like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and whole grain cereal. There are countless ways to get your fiber in the morning — do your body good and get some every morning.
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