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Here is a great sauce I picked up from my South American travels. Chimmichurri is a blend of parsley,  olive oil, garlic, lime juice, salt and aji (a type of super spicy pepper), and is used typically on steak dishes. While eating lunch at a restaurant one day, I just happened to dip my sweet potato wedge into David’s chimmichurri and … POP! SHAZAM! POW! It was so delicious.

I later researched the health benefits of parsley and found that raw parsley contains a compound, apegenin, which is a potent anti-cancer phytochemical. Apegenin has been seen to inhibit the promotion and progression stages of cancer growth, and is a compound of high interest for further studying.



1 large bunch of flat leaf parsley, stems and all, washed

1/2 cup olive oil

juice of 2 limes

1/2 tsp aji, minced (or 1 jalapeño)

4 cloves garlic, raw

hearty dash of salt

– Place everything into a blender and blend away!

– You may need to play with this recipe a bit, tasting and adding what might be needed. I never measure ingredients for sauces; rather, I eyeball, taste and modify. It should have a consistency similar to that of pesto, maybe a little thinner.


This chimmichurri is great on anything, so please, experiment and share!

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