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Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed a little time with family and friends these past few holidays and are finding yourself comfortably settling into a new year. I for one have had some major changes in my work life so entering into the new year has been more exciting than ever before.  😀

I have left my full-time job with Aramark at the College of Charleston to pursue my own business — The Fresh Beet Nutrition LLC, a virtual private practice providing nutrition services for women AND a live stream cooking network run by Registered Dietitians called Cook With Me TV. 

The goal of Cook With Me TV is to get more people cooking healthier meals at home so they can be their healthiest, happiest, and most productive selves. So how does it work? Every Friday I will post four recipes with a Grocery Guide so you can go grocery shopping over the weekend for everything you need to crank out these tasty and nutritious dinners for the week ahead. When Monday rolls around, tune in to our live stream show on Facebook at 6:30pm EST. We will all cook alongside each other and you will have the opportunity to ask a Dietitian as many questions as you like! Hello #freeadvice! You are of course welcome to tune in to watch for entertainment purposes too…I mean, I DO have the cutest dog in the world who will likely make a daily appearance. Plus, I’ve been known to catch my oven on fire so if you’re in need of some entertainment, there will never be a dull moment.

Be sure to FOLLOW our Facebook page so that you are notified when we post the new menu and when we go live. Here is what we are cooking this week:

Monday, January 15 – Thursday, January 18

dietitian cooking show


live stream cooking show


free nutrition advice


healthy recipe


And here is the Grocery Guide:

healthy grocery shopping


grocery guide


As for the private practice, I am currently accepting new clients and since my practice is virtual, you don’t have to live in Charleston! Our session will take place on a HIPAA compliant platform so all of your personal and medical information remains secure. It’s similar to Skype in that we can visit with each other face to face. You can read more about my services and contact info here.

Hope to see you Monday on Cook With Me TV!

All the best,

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