Cook With Me TV is a live stream cooking show run by Registered Dietitians who want to help you stay on track eating well.

Whether you’re too exhausted to come up with a dinner plan or you have no idea where to start when trying to cook nutritious meals, we’ve got your back.

So how does it work?

-Every Friday we post recipes and shopping lists for the meals we plan to cook the following week. You can find them in the photo album on our Facebook page.
-Use the shopping list from our photo album and make your Saturday or Sunday grocery run.
-Tune in Monday evening and cook along side us! Not only do we give you step-by-step instructions on how to cook the recipe, we also answer any nutrition questions you have…hello #freeadvice! Need to swap out an ingredient because of food allergies? Trying to follow an anti-inflammatory diet? Type any comment in the chat box when we’re LIVE for some good old fashioned trusted nutrition advice.
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Do you need help following a specific diet? Message us! We can help!


Current RD’s on Board:

Ashley Thomas, Charleston, SC: Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm EST
Jennifer Schlub, Columbia, SC: Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm EST