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I’m Eating Meat Again…And a Rant on Sustainability

Ah yes, I'm eating meat again. Once in awhile that is. With my heavy plant-based diet, there's room for some sustainably grown meat every now and then. Afterall, we are omnivores by nature.   Animals raised locally without antibiotics and in humane conditions...

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Corporate Food Publicly Tied to Dietitians

During my undergraduate studies at Florida State University back in 2007, I decided to switch my major from Nursing to Nutrition with the hopes of helping to create a healthier nation through the preventative measures of healthy eating and exercise. It was such a...

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Sorghum: Experiment With A New Grain

A friend bought this grain for me months ago from a local Oriental market, and I've finally gotten around to cooking it. An important grain for human consumption in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia, Sorghum here in the states is mostly used for livestock feed (watch...

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Daisy: The Newest Member of the GMO Family

Self-labeling shenanigans at the grocery store.The more I read about GMO's, the more confused I become. While there may be detrimental long term health effects from consuming such products, there are also some positive environmental outcomes. I listened in on a GMO...

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Real Food

WWOOFing? Yes, wwoof'ing. It stands for World Wide Opportunites on Organic Farms. To put it simply, it's a work exchange program; in exchange for your labor on a farm, you receive a place to stay and food to eat. There are farms all over the United States as well as...

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Don’t Pay More Than You Have To For Your Chia Seeds

For the past several months I have contemplated blogging, but never really sat down and dedicated enough time to do so. Alas! I have finally committed myself to begin! During the Earth Day celebration at Lake Eola this past Saturday, I had my first experience with...

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