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Start snacking on Clementines this week!

Their peak season is now (October-February) so take advantage of these sweet and juicy cuties.



For under 100 calories, 1 clementine packs more than half of your daily need for vitamin C – so why not have 2 to make your 100%?

Their loose skin makes for easy peeling.

They pack easily in your purse, briefcase, lunchbox or coat pocket – so no excuses for avoiding healthy snacking this season.

Did I mention they’re sweet, juicy and cute?

We have quite a few at the house right now and this weekend gave me a perfect day to photograph them outside.

Riley would do anything to get her jaw around these

Just have to be careful with this one…turn your back for one second and she’ll take what she wants.

Curious to see how you can use clementines in cooking? Check out some of these recipes from Cooking Light.

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