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Lemon and Ginger are such a great combination – robust in flavor and potent in nutrients. Lemon is packed with vitamin C and disease fighting antioxidants. Ginger has been used for centuries as a healing agent and has demonstrated effects on calming an upset stomach. It can improve digestion and some research indicates its uses as an anti-bacterial/anti0viral; however, it is not conclusive and more research is needed before developing concrete recommendations.

Lemon Ginger Tea


As of late, it’s been below 20 degrees and cold water just isn’t cutting it for me. I like to sip on this tea throughout the day to stay warm and it works like magic. You can also add a bit of honey to help sooth a sore throat.

Lemon Ginger Tea

Per cup:

1 thick slice of lemon, cut in half

1/2 round slice of ginger

1 cup boiling water

  • Squeeze both lemon slices into a mug and toss in ginger piece. Pour boiling water over and let steep for 3-5 minutes.

  • You can reuse the lemon and ginger for several cups.





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