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A Dietitian’s Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss techniques may help you shed pounds immediately, but these results are temporary. Shifting the way you think about food and making permanent lifestyle changes is the only way to sustain weight loss. Let the ideas below guide you in your weight loss...

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What can I eat to control my blood sugar?

I've just been diagnosed with type II diabetes and I can’t grasp the whole blood sugar thing. It seems like everything has carbs in it - what the heck can I eat? Great question. Many foods contain carbohydrates but that doesn't mean you can't have them. Forget...

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Should I avoid drinking tea and coffee with my meals?

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash I read somewhere that tannins in tea and coffee interfere with the body's ability to absorb iron. If I have a cup of tea first thing in the morning, should I wait a certain amount of time before eating breakfast? Great question!  You...

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Immune Boosting Foods + Immunity-Building Soup Recipe

Flu season is upon us and being sick is no way to ring in the new year. I didn't get my flu shot this year - because I'm invincible (hah!) - so I'm doing all I can to boost my immune system. Want to join me? Incorporate some of the foods below into your daily routine....

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How To Nutrify Your PB&J + PB&J Quinoa Oatmeal

Don't you just love the comfort of a good ole PB&J? You've got to try it in bowl form one morning. It's truly spectacular. PB & J's are typically perceived as nothing more than sugary indulgences. And when placed on refined white bread, and spread with highly...

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Does fish oil reduce the risk for suicide?

A change in pace from the typical Fresh Beet postings I know, but with all the Veteran appreciation happenings this month, I thought that highlighting this current study would be fitting. What is the BRAVO study? A study seeking to determine if Omega-3 supplementation...

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