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fish taco recipe
Diabetic Friendly

Blackened Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage & Avocado Crema

By On February 24, 2018

Ya’ll, these are the best tacos I’ve created yet. While I used salmon, you can use any fish you like. I like salmon mostly because it tastes amazing to me, but also because… Read More

salmon recipe
Diabetic Friendly

Grilled Salmon with Grilled Lemon Chimichurri

By On December 22, 2014

This month’s Recipe Redux is challenging its members to grab a book and cook something from page 42 (or 142) in honor of the Redux’s 42 month existence! I’ve been with the Recipe Redux… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Risotto with Peas and Parm

By On January 10, 2013

Made with an Italian short grain rice known as Arborio, risotto is a nice change from other grains. It’s high starch content creates a creamy consistency when cooked while slowly adding stock. Unfortunately,… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Farro with Asparagus, Peas & Mushrooms

By On December 22, 2012

With other vegetables, that is. This time, my farro meshed quite well with some asparagus, mushrooms and peas. It also enjoyed being surrounded by a scarf of raw mustard greens, and being… Read More

Lunch and Dinner

Salmon with a Raspberry Balsamic Reduction

By On November 3, 2012

Salmon is my favorite fish by far. In addition to its heart healthy fat profile and its beautiful orange color, Salmon is a mighty fish, able to swim hundreds of miles upstream… Read More