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After eating at Little Saigon, I’ve been dying to re-create one of their awesome soups. The time has come.


It’s basically a buckwheat noodle soup filled with vegetables, garlic, ginger, jalapeño and cilantro. Such great flavor combinations.


Don’t let this seemingly light broth-based soup fool you. It’s jam packed with fiber, got some moderate protein and a well rounded flavor that’s guaranteed to satisfy.


Noodle Soup

1 package Soba buckwheat noodles

1 package edamame, frozen

1 small bunch bok choy, leaves separated

1/2 medium yellow onion, sliced

1 large carrot, peeled into strings using peeler

2 cups broccoli florets, chopped

1 portabella mushroom cap, sliced

2 cups bean sprouts

2 jalepenos, chopped

1 bunch scallion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 TBS fresh ginger, minced

1 lime, 1/2 juiced into broth, the other 1/2 sliced into 6 wedges

2 hearty handfuls of cilantro

3 TBS rice vinegar

2 TBS sesame oil

10-12 cups water

2 TBS Better Than Bouillon food base, vegetable flavor

1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce


  • Saute the onion, broccoli, carrot, sprouts, jalepeno, garlic and ginger in the sesame oil for about 5 minutes in a large deep pot. Lightly season with salt and pepper.

  • Add the water, edamame, bouillon, soy sauce, rice vinegar and lime juice to vegetables and bring to a boil.

  • Add the noodles and cook until done. Lastly, add the cilantro and half the scallion. Provide the extra lime wedges to squeeze over individual bowls of soup.

  • Place 2 bok choy leaves in a bowl and ladle soup on top.


Have some extra bean sprouts, cilantro, remaining scallion and lime wedges available to add into individual bowls.


This yields about 8 – 1.5 cup servings. Enjoy!

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