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This is me, Ashley  – Dietitian, lover of beets with goat cheese, progressing potter and wanna-be rock climber. I’m currently engaged married to a spectacular man and am obsessed with our Carolina black dog, Kiki.
{Sidenote: We went to JAPAN on our honeymoon and it was amazing! Check out our travels to Tokyo and Kyoto.}
The Fresh Beet was created as a space to share my passion for healthy cooking and to teach others how to live healthier lives using nutrition as medicine. TFB is designed to inspire you to get in the kitchen and reconnect with your sense of creativity as a way to eat healthier; we are all far more creative than we believe, as creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.
Forget about all the fancy kitchen utensils, expensive gourmet food items and technical culinary terminology.
Just get in the kitchen and cook.
I believe that food should be accessible, nutritious, simple and thoroughly enjoyed. I value organic and sustainably grown foods, but I know that’s not always an option.
Eating healthy is about balance and acceptance, not rigidity and restriction. I eat well most of the time, but I always find space for:
a hearty glass of good red wine
dark chocolate
a good, razor cold beer
ice cream
In my world, cooking is a form of meditation. It allows me to clear my mind and focus only on cooking, ridding my busy brain of all other thoughts. It is one of the few moments in my day where I am truly present. If you’re an anxious individual whose busy brain just can’t slow down, try using cooking and food preparation as a way to calm your mind. It has worked wonders for me.
We’ve got to make cooking and healthy eating just as much of a priority as sleep, work, exercise and whatever else you deem important in your day.  Cooking is a basic human skill whose teachings have been lost along the way. TFB wants to help replenish those teachings and ultimately, replenish your health.


RD: Registered Dietitian (2011)

LD: Licensed Dietitian, South Carolina (2011)

MS: Masters Degree in Nutrition Education & Health Promotion + Dietetic Internship – Florida State University (2011)

BS: Bachelors Degree in Dietetics, Family & Child Sciences minor – Florida State University (2009)


Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (2009-present)

SC Academy of N & D, Charleston Trident Dietetic Association (2015-present)

Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group (2014-present)


On occasion, I receive free foods, meals, and products and blog about them. All opinions expressed are my own, and the items received will never influence the content of my post. Any sponsored work will provide full disclosure.


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