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After months of traveling, I am finally back on track with participating in the Recipe Redux monthly theme posts, and oddly enough this month’s topic is: Have Snacks. Will Travel.

My number one travel snack is peanut butter and jelly – or better yet – peanut butter with REAL fruit.


Using bananas is always a classic take on this sammy, but I like to experiment and use what is in season. And nothing could be more in season than blueberries at the moment. They pop and squirt in your mouth! A lot more action than plain ole jelly can claim.

Just the other day I went blueberry picking at a local farm and returned home with TONS of blueberries. Just $2.50 a pound! Colleen and I returned home with 2 – 7 gallon buckets. We gave some away and Colleen made 2 fantastic blueberry crumbles. The rest are frozen and ready to eat in no time.


Get creative and use different nut butters with different fruits. Sunbutter with thinly sliced peaches. Almond butter with strawberries.


This healthy travel snack packs nicely into a sandwich bag and doesn’t need refrigeration.

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